Four days in New York

How to spend four days in New York with your best friend.


How to survive your childs first term of school (an idiots guide)

We have done it!  We have got through the first term and she wanted to go back after Christmas #win.  I think we are now in a pretty good place but it has taken some time.

Nursery is one thing but starting school is a completely different ball game.  Managing nursery and work was a walk in the park compared to school (albeit a very expensive park!).

Miss A has been in nursery since she was nine months old so I thought the transition to school would be an easy one.  It wasn’t!  At nursery you can drop off from 8am and pick up until 6pm.  But school times are completely different and on top of picking the school you want for your child you then have to check it has childcare and it has space for you.  Luckily for me it all worked out but for some parents it…

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