Things that make me go aaahhh…

Since the day my baby girl came rushing into the world nearly three years ago (a speedy and early birth which is a story for another day) , she has been surprising me and making me proud on a daily basis. However this week she outdid herself. Not one but two moments that made me sit back and marvel at the little person that I can take half of the credit for creating.

Moment number one

After several months of trying her best to blow a raspberry on my tummy (always ended up as a very unpleasant spray of spit!) she lifted up my shirt and gave me a top class raspberry. The glee on her face (and mine) was totally priceless!

Moment number two

At bedtime I brushed her teeth and then let her give it her best shot at giving her ‘toothy pegs’ a brush. On completion she looked at me and gave me a killer smile for me to inspect. “Perfick!” I said. Her face turned from a big smile to a look of pure disappointment. “No mummy! You say perfect”. I am so proud that just almost three she is already correcting pronunciation. I can only imagine what the teen years will bring…

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