What I have learnt from moving home with a toddler

We are on the move again for the second time in 12 months.  This time it is to move somewhere with extra space for the new baby who is arriving in late April (she can’t come any earlier or will be ‘in-between’ homes!).  Recently a friend asked me how I dealt with having to move with a toddler. Well I learnt some valuable lessons the first time which I thought I would share:

  1. I explained everything about the move to her, showed her photos of her new room and let her know exactly what was about to happen.
  2. We tried to make her new room an exact copy of her old room. Same furniture, same bedding (so it smelt/felt the same).  We did this then decorated a few months later when she had settled in.
  3. She packed a bag/box of her own things which she opened as soon as she got to the new house.
  4. Have fun! Amelia turned most of the empty boxes during the move into homes for her dolls and soft toys. Kept her amused for hours and gave me the chance to sort things out!
  5. I got her involved in the inevitable clear out before the move. We went through her toy boxes together and decided which toys she would keep and which toys could go to someone else to play with as they were too little for her now.  I never wanted her to wonder where some of her things had gone. She took really well to this and at this point I realised she was as ruthless as I am with possessions.  Neither of us seems to be hoarders and she even wanted to let go of things that I wanted her to keep.  None of those decisions have come back to haunt us. YET!
  6. In our new home we will have a play room and a garden. I plan to make this an adventure for her.  She can organise her things in the ‘play room’ and we can plant strawberries in the garden.
  7. We packed the majority of our stuff when Amelia was in bed.  If we did it with her around then things sometimes went walkies.  I would put one thing in a box and Amelia would take two out!
  8. The biggest help on the last moving day and this moving day will be my parents. I will be able to move knowing she is having a ball with nanny safely away from the carnage of moving day.

I think children are really resistant to change and I have tried to make sure Amelia is adaptable to life changes.  She spends time and sleeps over at Daddy’s house and with other family members.  I really believe it is my job to prepare her for her life and not wrap her up in cotton wool.  It may not be right for everyone but I really hope it make theses types of life changes easier for her.

Fingers crossed she takes to this new move as well as she did the last one – and fingers crossed baby does not make an early arrival before we move…!

It would be great to hear for anyone else with tips for moving with a little person.


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