Five things I had forgotten about pregnancy

  1. The ‘bump’ becomes public property. It is starting to feel like the world, and his wife, think my bump is fair game for a grope. It is lovely that people are interested in my pregnancy but hands off people! General rule: If I want you to pat/stroke/squish my tummy then I will ask!
  2. Everyone is an expert. Everyone I meet is an expert on pregnancy – they like to tell me varying comments about my pregnancy. “Oh you must be ready to pop!”, “There is definitely a boy in there”, “That baby is coming out within the week!”, “Oooh that is going to be a big one!” Really people – give me a break!
  3. The hot flushes! I spend most of my working day complaining about the temperature in the office and trying to work out ways to cool down. Today it broke me and I actually had to leave the office as my hot flush took to the feeling wobbly stage. Even a little jaunt outside didn’t make me feel better. At least this is an insight into the joys of the menopause that lie ahead of me!
  4. Having a bladder the size of a thimble! I rush to the bathroom feeling like my bladder is close to bursting and then a tiny dribble of wee appears. Five minutes later I am back again… I just want a big satisfying wee!
  5. I just want to sleep! The achy hips, constant need for a wee, twitchy legs, wriggly baby…etc…etc the list of things that keep me awake is growing. I was blessed with a first child that slept through the night at 12 weeks (thank you Gina Ford!) so coming back to sleepless nights before baby number two has even rocked up is painful. I would just like one night where I sleep solidly for eight hours – I guess that is something I may not see for a loooong time!

Having said all of this I would not ‘send it back’ for the world. This new little person will be worth every single moment of uncomfortableness – it might just take me a little while to realise it!


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