What I have learnt being a mum of two (so far)

It is safe to say that I fell off of ‘blogging’ wagon and failed to climb back on…until now!

So baby arrived safe and well via caesarean section in mid-April, since then I have been in a shell shocked state being a mum of two. I remember the shock of becoming a mum the first time but nothing quite prepares you for two…

Here is what I have learnt in my first month or so:

  • They rarely sleep at the same time
  • My three year old looked like a giant next to her baby sister on their first meeting
  • Not only do I still have to ‘share’ every meal I attempt to eat with a three year old but I also have to do it one handed and with my plate balanced on a breastfeeding new born
  • My three year old will do everything, and anything, she can to take my attention away from the new arrival (poo in the park, felt tip pen face and wee in the wardrobe to name a few incidents!)
  • I have given up trying to sleep – it is just never going to happen!
  • The sound of my baby crying broke my heart first time round but with number two is just a normal sound in the house
  • Every baby is completely different. I am doing things with baby no two that I would never have done with baby number one. Dummies were a massive no-no with number one but now it is a chance to settle ‘the ever hungry’ number two long enough to have a quick shower or a wee!
  • My house is never going to be tidy. And worrying about it really isn’t going to help
  • It is totally possible to love another little person as much as I love the first!
  • I wish I had appreciated the time I had being a mum of one, in hindsight it was a walk in the park
  • Combination feeding gives me a few hours free of feeding (and gives the boy a chance to bond with baby)
  • My sense of humour is often the only thing that gets me through the day!
  • Letting my three year old have a friend over to play is a life saver. They entertain each other for hours
  • Felt tip pens do eventually scrub off of little faces!
  • I’ll never see the bottom of my wash bin again
  • CBeebies is the only reason I get to drink a hot cup of tea in the morning, albeit balanced over the head of a baby
  • Watching my daughters interact melts my heart (that is until baby ends up with a My Little Pony bouncing on her head)

I am excited (and sometimes a little nervous) about watching my two little girls grow up together and the adventures the future brings us.

My girls
My girls

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