Our day out to Hillier Gardens

The girls enjoying their freedom
The girls enjoying their freedom

So my lovely friend Liz suggested a day out to Hillier Gardens in Romsey. Now this did not fill me with much joy. The traffic into Romsey can be tricky, I get lost driving down my own road and I am not a fan of nature – give me a city any day!

But in the spirit of ‘giving it go’ I packed up the kids and turned on the sat nav. One the plus side the traffic was kind but the sat nav had me driving round the house literally but I persevered and we parked up at the Hillier Gardens.

It basically went from bad to worse when the lady at the ticket desk hit me with the fact I had to pay £9.50 for the privilege of walking through the gate. If Liz had not been waiting inside then I think I would have been back in the car in a flash.

However, once inside I saw my little girls face light up as she ran along the path towards flowers and open space, while I walked behind with the pram watching her explore this new found freedom. We had a picnic on the grass, explored the art in the park (the girl was mesmerised by the floating dresses), watched fish in the pond (talked a lot about the nudey rudey lady!) and played in the treehouse.

The facilities were fab. Clean toilets with no queues. The light and airy cafe with plentiful seating and friendly staff was perfect for an end of day ice cream.

Now let’s get one thing straight it was not all sweetness and light, there were tantrums, moaning and quite a bit of telling off but that is totally normal on a day with a three year old. The bonus was we were outside, she was burning of energy and I was actally appreciating the beautiful surroundings.

By the end of the day I was totally converted and even paid for an annual membership. I am now planning further days out at Hillier including a weekly walk with bubs in her carrier.

Thank you Liz for introducing me and proving that ‘giving it a go’ does pay off!


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