Tens things that tell you that your baby has turned into a threenager!

A wise friend recently said to me that whoever called it ‘the terrible twos’ had never had a three year old! And I could not agree more.

This got me thinking about the top 10 things my ‘threenager’ has done which made me realise that she was not a baby anymore and heading at high speed towards her teenage years…

  1. Refusing the wear the clothes set out for her each day with a look of disgust.
  2. Stamping her little foot and declaring “It is not fair!”
  3. Turning from a happy little girl into a tantrum throwing ‘threenager’ at the drop of a hat.  Reasons include offering her an orange ice pop and not a pink one, being given a drink by the wrong person, her not waving goodbye to Mr Tumble before the programme ends…
  4. Rolling her eyes at me!
  5. Dictating the songs to be played in the car and asking that any song that is not on her play list is immediately turned down!
  6. When she is refused a ‘gift’ in the shops telling me that “Nanny/Daddy/Aunty Max will get it for me!”
  7. Muttering “You’re NOT my best friend” as she walks away after being told off
  8. Did I mention the eye rolling!
  9. Insisting she “can do it herself!” then having a total meltdown when she realises she can’t and I try to help.
  10. Choosing one person each day who is not going to be her friend and spending the entire day ignoring them until they leave and then she cries because they have gone?

Someone tells me it gets easier when they turn four…?!


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