Teaching hypermobile baby to walk

So in another twist of fate we have recently discovered that our little one isn’t just bendy and bound for a life of yoga, she actually has a medical condition. She is hyper mobile.

Now once again it would seem that I know nothing about developing children as when someone said to me “Oh so she is hyper?” my first thought was “Well actually she is pretty chilled!”. It wasn’t until after some serious google action that I knew what on earth they were talking about.

After getting a referal via the HV and her nursery we have been seeing an amazing physio who has given us some fantastic (and often hilarious) exercises to help her build up her leg muscles.

Let me jump back a step. My baby girl can’t yet stand or roll but has recently graduated from bum shuffling to crawling.  This took some time as her default position is ‘the frog’. Now she is only 16 months (had to count that on my fingers – second child syndrome)  and I don’t consider myself to be a pushy mum so not expecting her to be running around with confidence at this age plus I didn’t crawl as a baby and only got to my feet at 18 months. However, something has always slightly concerned me about her movement, in addition to the hip dysplasia.

Also she can sleep like no other baby! When I tell my mummy friends you can feel their dagger eyes as they would love their babies to sleep half as much as she does. Basically, in addition to her two daytime naps, she sleeps 7pm to 7.30am weekdays and will happily stay asleep until 9am at the weekend, we physically have to wake her up. And for someone who loves to sleep like me that is great but deep down I knew there must be a reason she is so tired!

So back to the physio….

It is working wonders and in a few weeks we have got her taking her weight on her feet for a minute or so before her little ankles or knees need a rest.

It is likely walking won’t start until she is at least two but the exercises are helping her build her muscles. If anyone would like to see the exercises then let me know via the blog or Twitter.

We are keeping the exercises going and who knows we may be seeing the beginnings of a future Olympic gymnast or prima ballerina…watch this space…


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