Is daughter hypermobile or just a bit bendy?

My youngest (Miss I) certainly loves a medical facility.  Since her birth we have been in and out for various reasons.  Mainly her hip dysplasia which is now looking good (hopefully we will be on yearly x-rays soon) but now it has been noticed that her little ankles are super bendy.  The words hyper mobility have been thrown around but some doctors are not wanting to label her – and I am thankful for that.

Miss I is now 19-months old and not yet walking.  She will stand up when supported and recently started to β€˜cruise’ the furniture but she will not go it alone.  Now she could just be lazy or just happy with her current method of getting around which is knee walking (her knees are so red at the end of the day!).  We have been seeing a physio for a few months now and since then we have all seen massive improvement.  Before we started these sessions she would do her very best to avoid putting weight on her feet.  She never looked like she was in any pain she just never wanted to do it.

We are waiting for an appointment to get her β€˜special’ NHS boots fitted but in the meantime we have bought some boots which were suggested by the physio.  They are really helping her confidence and are ridiculously cute!  They are Ricosta first walker boots which we bought from the fantastic French & Sons in Bedford Place, Southampton (  The inside of the store is like going back in time and the staff are just amazing!

The exercises we do help place her feet in the best position for her to hold her weight and feel comfortable.  If anyone would like to see the exercises we do then just pop me a message via the blog as I have instruction sheets for them.  We are also really lucky that the girls at nursery do exercises with her when she is there.  I think they might do them more than I do!

Now if I am honest I am not actually worried about her lack of walking.  She will do it when she is ready and when she feels comfortable doing it.  I will obviously do everything I can to make it easier for her but I will not push her or make excuses for her. My job is to hold her chubby little hand until she is ready to let go…




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