New Year ‘money saving’ diet plan

So for me 2017 is the year I am going to save money and stop spending it on…well stuff I don’t need.  I have a terrible spending habit and I really need to kerb it before things spiral out of control.

I sat down with Mr C and we looked at the areas we thought we were over spending and decided that food shopping was potentially a problem area.  Bloody right it was! When we looked at the weekly online shop, the random visits to convenience stores, daily lunches from M&S and my take away coffee habit we were spending in the realm of £650 per month!  On just food! FFS! How is this possible when I am constantly wondering what we are going to have for dinner?!

Now we are a family of four and the children eat mainly at school or nursery so I am not totally sure what we were spending all this money on.  And then I opened the kitchen larder (often referred to as the ‘cupboard of doom’!) and saw exactly where our problem was.

I had said just before opening the cupboard that we would need to do a food shop as we didn’t have anything in.  However, the photo attached is the contents of the cupboard (displayed on the dining room table!).  And the freezer is rammed!

This really hit home and I was pretty horrified.  Therefore, I am going to half my food shopping spending, and this is my plan:

  • No food shop for a month (we have to eat the contents of the cupboard of doom and the freezer)
  • Go to Aldi/Lidl
  • Plan weekly meals
  • Take lunch to work
  • Eat leftovers
  • No take away or meals out
  • Take snacks/drinks on days out with the kids
  • No take out coffee!!
  • Portion control (cook for the actual number of people eating)
  • Use the freezer

Wish us luck!


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