NHS boots for hyper mobile toddler

Since my last post about Miss I and her bendy ankles we have been to see the lovely orthotics department in Southampton.  I was really worried about the boots we would get for her.  The boots I had seen online were bulky and pretty ugly looking.

First her feet were measured with an old school looking wooden ruler by the lovely orthotic lady and we were then given a catalogue of boots that would be suitable for her.  The boots we had the option of came in a range of colours.  Blue, red, pink, white and black in either leather or nubuck.  The black and the white leather really looked like the boots I had seen before but the other colours were really sweet.  Our first choice was red nubuck but the wait time from ordering to delivery was a few weeks so we decided to take what they had in stock to get her practising in her new boots as soon as possible.  So she walked out in a pink leather pair.  Now these boots are heavy.  I mean really heavy.  If she kicks out her leg and it catches you then you know all about it.  The noise of her clumping along on our wooden floors is a little like a herd of baby elephants.  But they are working…

One of the things the boots should do is put her off crawling or knee walking as they are uncomfortable when she does that.  Does it stop her?  Does it f**k! The toes of her new boots were scuffed up within a day!  As I said though eventually we have seen progress with her walking in her boots.  It is only a few steps at a time but she is giving it her best. We trying to give her time without her boots in slippers or bare foot and yesterday she walked from the living room to the kitchen to see her daddy.  About 20 steps in total – it might not seem like much to some but we are super proud!


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