Why I hate some ‘mummy’ blogs!

I am beginning to think that some parenting blogs are designed to make other parents feel like shit!  I am trying to work out how filtered photos of perfect homes and children can possibly be good for anyone to see.  Life is not perfect and having a home with young children is at least 90% chaos! *Or is that just me*

Also, how do some mums/dads take their children on all these days out without: (a) going bankrupt, (b) going crazy, (c) having no time for anything else (work, school, cleaning, cooking etc).

I know we all want something inspirational to read but surely we also want something realistic and achievable to aim for too!

Now I am as guilty as the next person of using a filter (things have changed a little since my teen days of standing outside Boots with my printed photos ripping up the ones no one would ever be allowed to see – if you are over 30 then you know what I mean!) but surely all we are doing is showing people our world through ‘rose tinted’ glasses.  Can’t we just be honest with each other, and ourselves, about our lives as parents?!

For example, my recent parenting wins have been fishing a poo out of the bath before it disintegrated and spending my weekend cleaning up toddler vomit without personally gagging all over my one-year old! #win

I really want to make sure my blog is an honest account of ‘real’ life (feel free to call me on it when I next use a filter).  My life may not look perfect on paper (or screen!) but I wouldn’t change it for the world!  Warts and all!




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