Blog update: Money saving plan for 2017

Well basically I haven’t done it!  Talked about it – yes, read books about cheap meals etc – yes, bought magazines with ‘cheap eats’ – yes, actually done anything about it – not really!  Thought I would run down the list of things I thought I would do to save to pennies (by that I mean £300 per month!):

  • No food shop for a month (we have to eat the contents of the cupboard of doom and the freezer). CHECK! I have not done a big food shop.  Yet I have popped into Co-op, Tesco Express, Sainsbury Local etc every other day to stock up.
  • Go to Aldi/Lidl. Not sure my visit counts…  I went but didn’t have a £1 coin for the trolley so I got pissed off trying to find someone with change and left!
  • Plan weekly meals. No. However, Mr C is currently sat opposite me doing a plan for the next seven days in a trusty spreadsheet (he is an excel geek!)
  • Take lunch to work. Sometimes. Often fallen of the wagon and returned to the M&S food hall mothership.
  • Eat leftovers. We have actually done really well at this and I haven’t thrown anything away after letting it chill out in my fridge for a month. #win
  • No take away or meals out. Fucked it! Chinese, KFC and Wahaca tacos have all passed my lips.  #sorrynotsorry
  • Take snacks/drinks on days out with the kids. We went to Moors Valley Country Park and I made everyone sit outside in the freezing cold eating sandwiches and Wotsits. And they loved it!
  • No take out coffee!! #epicfail
  • Portion control (cook for the actual number of people eating). I am not sure Mr C understands this concept yet however he now is looking at me with his ‘hurt’ face for saying this because he froze a portion of goulash so he feels like he has ‘grown’!
  • Use the freezer. We have tubs of unidentifiable meals for whenever we actually remember to get them out to defrost for the next day. Lesson learnt: label stuff.

So that is how we are doing.  It’s not ground breaking and I am not going to become a money saving blogger anytime this decade but we are giving it a shot.   And you have to start somewhere right?!


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