Cheap meals from Delicious Magazine

As I keep banging on about I am trying to save money in 2017 and my first attempt is to save on the food shopping.  The main problem with this is that Mr C and I LOVE food!  So do the girls to be fair.  We want to spend less but we still want to eat good, yummy food.  To try and work out how to do this I have been doing a lot of reading.  *I should probably let you know at this point that I have a cook book addition – it is a total food porn thing!  Current favourite is Chicken & Rice by Shu Han Lee.*

I got together all the cook books I have on cheap eating, collected up my foodie magazines and looked at websites which offer the same advice.  Now they all offer great suggestions and claim that they will save me money (and often time) but which ones really work.  So I am going to try one a week to see which works best for me and my family.  Hopefully all will work out and at the end of this I will have a whole heap of cheap meals that I love (and space pennies in my bank account).


So where to start… With my greatest love, Delicious magazine!  This magazine is my total treat.  The actual magazines lasts me forever (I never throw it away!), their social media feeds cheer up my day with little foodie snippets popping up and the email which hits my inbox is always full of great ideas.  And this week it is ’30 easy recipes on a budget’.  Now is that just fate!

Out of the 30 I have picked the seven which Mr C and I will be making next week.

  • Red curry rice with prawns
  • Easy jacket potato with smokey beans
  • Cheese and broccoli bake
  • Teriyaki chicken with sesame vegetables
  • Leek risotto with lemon crumb
  • Beef Koftas with herb cous cous
  • Creamy chicken cobbler

Picking seven out of the 30 was tough going, believe me!  So this weekend I will be hitting the shops for ingredients and then this starts on Wednesday.  (Current meal plan produced by Mr C ends on Tueday).  Operation ‘Delcious’ cheap meals week 1…let’s be having you!


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