Week one £43 meal plan

First budget meal challenge has not worked out for me.  Now I was sure I would do it “because I had blogged about it!” but the truth is that is when I did the online shop for the ingredients for my seven cheap meals as suggested by my beloved Delicious Magazine I found that it was costing more than I could afford under my new money saving efforts.   The ingredients for the meals for two people with little else added to the shop (tea for kids, treats, cleaning stuff etc) came to over £70!  That is £10 per meal – not sure how that is cheap…!  So forget that shit…

I didn’t have time to pull together a new plan from my many books so I am going it alone.  The shop with seven meals, stuff for lunches and a few treats (not very exciting treats!) came in at around £43.  Sounds great but hopefully they all work out.

Here is my week one meal plan:

Wednesday – Chicken teriyaki stir fry

Thursday – Cheese and broccoli pasta bake

Friday – Soup

Saturday – Cottage pie

Sunday – Chorizo, peppers and mushroom rice

Monday – Gnocchi and spicy tomato sauce

Tuesday – Jacket potato and BBQ beans (obvs with cheese!)

We will be using some current store cupboard goods and freezer stuff to get us through this.  Also the plan is for some of these meals to yield leftovers for the freezer/kids/lunch etc to make them more economical.

I will post images and updates daily via Instagram (please follow me if you don’t already!).


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