My tips for helping baby with hip dysplasia and hyper mobility to walk

Little Miss I is officially a walker!  And she is out of the boots given to us by the doctor.  After Miss I took her first few wobbly steps in her pink NHS boots she went from strength to strength however it soon became apparent that her boots were weighing her down.  The boots were so heavy that her walking was really clumpy.  Her walking was much smoother in her slippers or bare foot.  So I made the decision to ditch the boots and head to John Lewis shoe department.  We left with a cute pair of Clarks (the same style Miss A always wore due to her super wide feet).  Miss I is now unstoppable and chooses walking as her preferred method of moving around instead of her knee walking.

We were told that as a hyper mobile baby she would probably walk at about two years so the determined little girl has beaten that prediction (two in April).  Last week she saw her physio and they are so happy with her walking that we no longer need to see them for therapy. She has an x-ray in May for her hip dysplasia and hopefully she will be signed off from this consultant too.  We are now waiting for spring to hit so she can start getting outside more and learning to walk/run on grass and sand.  There really is no stopping her!

After the last year or so of consultant appointments and physio I thought I would write down my top tips for looking after baby who is has decided to walk in their time and not at the time dictated by a health visitor’s chart…

  • All babies are different. They will sit, stand, crawl, walk etc whenever they want – it can’t be rushed!
  • Don’t let other peoples judgements/comments get you down. Everyone is a bloody expert on when a child should walk.  Well sod them!  My child is an individual and can walk whenever she wants. So they can shove their opinions!
  • I know my baby the best. If I thought she might need some extra support with walking or anything else then I asked for it.  Don’t worry about looking like a paranoid mum.  We are their parents and we owe it to get them all the help we can.
  • Don’t always take the health professionals word for it. Try different things, read blogs, ask questions etc.  We tried lots of things to work out what was best for Miss I.
  • Enjoy them! Don’t let it stress you out and take away from watching them grow up.

So for now I am loving chasing my toddler around the house and watching her bounce off the sofa etc.  Fingers crossed for the hip consultant and roll on summer…


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