I envy my single and carefree best friend!

This week, my bestie packed up her bags and headed off to Australia to visit some of our old haunts from our travelling days and to also visit some of the places we missed.  And this sent me into a massive life wobble!


This is my bestie and I on the day we returned from our travels.  16 years ago!!

There have been tears, tantrums and some serious soul searching…

Now don’t get me wrong I totally adore my girls and would not want to give them back for the world.  They are my life and as my very wise bestie said when I told her about my wobble “you’ve got those beautiful girls who are better than any beach or bridge”.

I have so much to be grateful for and I truly am grateful.  I have two amazing little girls, a lovely boyfriend and I am lucky enough to be part of my boyfriend’s daughter’s life when she comes visit us.  My family live about an hour away (mum, sister, niece and nephew etc) – and there hasn’t been a day in recent years were I don’t wish I could just pop round to see them for a cuppa and hug without having to drive an hour each way.  But I can’t move back because my life is here.

My eldest daughters father lives here and she needs to maintain a strong relationship with him, I really believe little girls need their daddies, and my boyfriend’s daughter lives here, I would never ask him to move away from her.  They need to see as much of each other as they can too.

My job is here and it is a massive part of my life and I really do love it! I get to travel (probably more than I should as a mum), I get to be creative and I get to talk a lot everyday!  #win

So why does my ‘flight’ mechanism always kick in when someone I know heads off travelling?  I guess I could blame my gypsy ancestry (this also explains my love of camping)!

Surely I am not the only mum who sometimes dreams of spontaneous trips and travelling the world? Am I?!


One thought on “I envy my single and carefree best friend!

  1. Totally miss travelling (and being able to be spontaneous!) – but, we have wonderful travelling memories and when our kids grow up we can go travelling all over again (which is what my parents are doing now)! 🙂


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