Family meals on a budget: The Sunday roast

My bid to save money on food shopping is still alive and although at times it may not go to plan I am not giving up!

Last weekend I popped to Lidl (just for a walk #livingthedream) and ended up buying a massive chicken which yielded a roast for four, a pie for six and a risotto for two (plus a carcass in the freezer to make stock at the later date – I am saving them up for a big batch).  This was the best money saving tip ever which originally came from a friend of mine who told me that she used to live on a ‘chicken a week’ when she first bought her own flat and was short of money.

Jamie Oliver’s book, Save with Jamie, has taken this simple idea to another level.  He suggests a ‘mothership’ roast on a Sunday and then use the leftovers for various meals for the next few days.  I love this idea. Mainly because I love a roast but also because it helps with the meal planning and money saving! So last week was chicken and this week is pork.

Sunday – six hour slow roast pork shoulder with all the trimmings (YUM!)

Monday – Leftover pork Chinese fried rice

Tuesday – Left over pork ragu

Wednesday – Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese (never get bored of this!)

Thursday – Meatballs in spicy tomato sauce and mashed potatoes

Friday – Chicken and rice

I am presuming the roast will only do two additional days but I will keep you posted…


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