The five things I can’t live without since becoming a mum!

Someone recently asked me what things have I found most useful since having kids.  So I had a long think about it and the truth is that is isn’t the expensive things (well it might be but I never bought them as I am a mum on a budget!).  For me it is the simple things that make each day easier.  The things that are used everyday and if they weren’t around I would miss.  So here is my list.  It might not be super exciting but it is real.  And all of these things make a real difference to my life.

1. Kitchen roll! I use it all the time for floor wiping, nose wiping, getting sticky finger marks off walls, mopping up endless knocked over drinks, soaking up the flood of water in the bathroom post bath… Sometimes the same one sheet does all!

Kitchen Roll

2. Wet wipes (always Huggies)! Similar to the above but also used for dusting the house, make up removal (usually mid bedtime nappy change – TOP TIME SAVING TIP!), grubby high chair cleaning and wiping down Miss I after every meal/snack. Oh and for the obvious baby bum wiping!



3. IKEA high chair. These things are indestructible! Mine has been taken apart and put back together again a million times, taken to family members houses, on holiday, camping, in the garden. It has been stained by tomato pasta sauce, beetroot and covered (I mean covered!) in chocolate. It has been scrubbed down, hosed off, bleached and put in the dishwasher (not all in one piece obvs). Yet it is still looking like new. Not sure why any other retailer sells highchairs. It was also a bloomin’ bargain at about £15.


4. The Nespresso machine. This machine (and the little pods of happiness) have got me through night feeds, teething and school holidays. Coffee is a mum’s best friend (alongside wine and gin). Well it is in my house!  Ok this was a bit expensive – but a necessity right?!


5. The Gro clock. My five year old will still only get up when the sunshine comes out. Thank you Gro for allowing me to sleep in on a weekend. I have been known to pull a 9am on a Sunday!  I know one day she is going to realise it is only a clock but until that day I am milking it for all it is worth.  And also this wasn’t an expensive item as I got it second hand on EBay.


So whats makes your top five things needed to make each day as mum easier?


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