Letting the kids run wild at the Look Out in Bracknell

“Mummy! Run there is a bear behind us!” is the scream that came from behind me.  I turned to see my five year old daughter being carried by her 15 year old cousin Mr D who is running straight towards me.

We aren’t out in the Alaskan wilderness or at a themed kid’s park.  We are in the woods in Bracknell!  The Look Out in Bracknell is one of those wonderful open spaces that children can really run, explore, build camps and have some much needed freedom.  Last weekend we spent a glorious day just playing outside with the girls and letting their imaginations run wild.  They have a wonderful park with various areas for different ages groups which means all the children can play with other children their own age without the fear of little ones being knocked over by over enthusiastic kids running around.  Miss I found a climbing frame/ slide which she could play on all by herself albeit with a cautious granddad watching over her.  Her squeals of “again, again” after each turn on the slide was a joy to watch.  Miss A is a trampoline fan and then found a fairy wand (a twig) so spent most of her time chasing her teenage cousin (god bless him!) around the castle climbing frame.


The adults in group sat on one of the many available benches and enjoyed the welcome sunshine.  I actually spent most of my time rating people’s picnics.  Some families went for the ‘traditional’ sandwiches while others went all out for the plates, table cloths and full on buffet.  I was seriously considering asking if one these ‘organised’ families would adopt us but instead we headed to the onsite cafe.

The cafe is small but stocked with what you need for a day out.  We got warm sausages rolls for the kids, a few sandwiches and coffee for the grownups (not me though #coffeesnob).  We also ventured back a little later for the obligatory ice creams.  It was priced as expected and the fab guys working behind the counter were great at dealing with families all shouting out what they wanted.  Having said all of this we all decided that next time we went we would join the picnic gang.

The best thing about the Look Out is the miles and miles of forest.  After the park and lunch we went on a long walk and the kids loved it.  Being able to wander around the woods, collect pine cones, search for the biggest stick plus the guided walkways stop you from getting lost and are buggy friendly.  Best of all I got to wander around just chatting to my mum and sister (backs of whom are below).  Happy times!

The Look Out is also home to a Go Ape and an interactive science centre.  We have used these before we did not venture in on this visit.  The science centre is amazing for kids (and grown ups).  Lots of interactive activities to get involved with and obviously they are learning without even knowing about it! #win

All in all a really great day out and it only cost the price of parking the car and few sandwiches & ice cream.  Both of my kids arrived home filthy and knackered.  Sign of a great family day out to me!


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