A Day out without the kids

I am a firm believer of getting the kids out but I am also a fan of spending time with other grown ups. With this in mind, my mum and I took a day out of our busy lives to hang out and walk around Kew Gardens.

Visiting Kew Gardens
From Feb to March Kew Gardens was playing host to a Columbian Orchid festival in the Princess of Wales conservatory. My mum and I have a running joke about the fact that I can’t keep an orchid alive so off we went to see them in bloom.

I got the tickets online the week before with a full price adult ticket costing £16.50 and an OAP ticket (sorry mum) was £15.95. A grand total of £32.45. We decided to drive up there after the school run which was an easy run with little traffic. After a little searching we located the tiny car park and paid £7 for a full days parking.

The Orchid Festival
As we entered the gardens we were advised to head straight to the Orchids and after a 5-10 minute wait we were in. The first thing that hit me (other than the heat!) was the colour. I am used to the classic white and pinky purple orchids so the new colours blew me away. There were orchids as far as the eye could see and you instantly wanted to explore.


We wandered around pointing out different orchids and also taking photos of massive leaves with my hand in them to show the kids (they love a giant leaf!). After our stint with the Orchids we headed to the obligatory cup of tea.


£5.95 for a sausage roll
The café we stumbled across was within the gift shops so naturally we had to look at various Kew themed gift options. Amongst the usual gift shop tat there was some really nice things. I could have spent a lot of money if I wasn’t saving for a house deposit. Qudos to me for being strong!

Talking of money lets get to the café. It was off the hook expensive. We had planned to grab some lunch but the prices were ridiculous. The price that got me the most was £5.95 for a sausage roll!? So we settled for a couple of coffees and a slice of cake. Next time we will be packing a bag of sandwiches and snacks!

The great outdoors
The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around and chatting with my mum. This is such a luxury because I rarely have any time alone with my mum. We are usually surrounded by kids and other family members. For a few hours we were just two women chatting and looking at plants!


Even though the weather was not on our side we wanted to get some fresh air in our lungs so we explored the gardens with hoods up and looking like drowned rats! The whole place was gorgeous and has some fantastic looking new developments such as the children’s garden which opens in May 2019. My girls would love it so I can’t wait to return with them.

Everyone must visit Kew Gardens!
If you haven’t been then go! It is truly a special place and I can only imagine that you will see different things each time you visit. The changing seasons will bring out different plants so mum and I are already planning out next visit – and our packed lunch choices!


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