My ten parent essentials

From the moment that you wee on the stick and the little blue lines appear you are told about all the different things you will need for your baby. But what about you?! These are all the things that I think parents need to get them through those first few months (I mean years!).

1. A coffee machine. My machine of choice is a Nespresso. It is simple to use and the coffee is a drinkable temperature as soon as it is made so you have some hope of getting down your neck before the baby needs something else from you. Coffee will keep you going through the days when you are so tired that you have the shakes and blinking feels like a nap!


2. Wet wipes. Not for baby but for everything else in your home including yourself. I literally use them for everything – make up removal, shoe cleaning, dusting, car seat food removal, mirror polishing, child hand/face/sticky poo wiping – the list goes on forever!

3. Snacks. Fill your cupboards with all the snacks you can think off. Snacks that you can consume while balancing a baby on your boob or while feeding with the bottle wedged under your chin. Once baby is weaned then the snacks are still needed because if your children are anything like mine then they will be hungry every five minutes. I firmly believe that childcare costs so much because of all the food kids eat! Please also remember these snacks need to be suitable to be shoved in your mouth in a few seconds so the kids don’t see or hear you – or you might need to share!


4. Wine. Get some wine in your fridge and ensure you always have a chilled bottle for emergency purposes. There is nothing worse than finally getting the kids in bed to discover there is no cold wine in the house. Obviously, room temperature wine can be drunk in times of need but a cold glass (or bottle) is really what you want.

5. Knickers. Yes, I know that children need a lot of clothes but so do you. Your concern suddenly becomes ensuring the kids clothes are washed and you forget about your own. If you want clean pants everyday (or at least most days) then buy lots of them!

6. Friends. You will need a solid group of friends around you. A real mix. Some you talk babies with and some that will make you forget you even have them! It is these people that will save your sanity. You know who you are….

7. Panty liners! We all know you need some massive breeze block style ones for straight after birth but the real requirement is the panty liners for when your bladder decides to leak at every given opportunity. Pregnancy and child birth totally ruin your ability to stop a wee from coming out so you will need to make sure you are covered when exercising, laughing, sneezing, coughing, jumping on the kid’s trampoline….

8. A microwave. Once again not for baby’s bottle or food – this is for reheating half drunk cups of coffee and your dinner after the kids need your attention a million times during meal time.

9. A capsule make up bag. You will have to apply make up in about two minutes and after not getting any sleep, you are going to need it! I opt for Bobby Brown liquid concealer which really does cover dark circles, waterproof mascara (chances are that if you get the chance to put some on then it will have to stay there for a day or two until you can find the time for a shower to get it off again) and Vaseline which can serve as lip balm, hand cream, baby bum cream…just get some

10. A sense of humour. There are moments/days that if I don’t laugh then I will sob like a baby! Your conversations with your partner change from being about you and start being about the colour of the latest poo and who gets the least sleep. Laugh with each other and at yourself. It might be all you can do at times! I remember one day when Miss A was a baby and she had been screaming for what felt like an eternity. I had done everything I could think of – fed, wind, changed, rocked, cuddled etc – but nothing worked. In the end I put her down in the bouncy chair, sat on the sofa and started laughing hysterically at the scene before me. Suddenly I looked up and noticed Miss A had stopped crying and was now just staring at me wondering what the hell I was doing!


I am sure there are thousands of other things that other mums would suggest you need but these are my things that I am truly thankful for and I hope you find the things that get you through the crazy world of parenthood!

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