Getting over the half term madness!

Any parent will tell you that there are times when you need to take some time out for yourself. And this weekend Mr C and I did just that!

Why take a child free break?

After an unexpected PPI return (if you haven’t checked then try Resolver – easy to check and I never expected getting money back) we decided to invest in our relationship and head off for a few days of childfree fun. Mr C and I both had children from previous relationships when we got together and soon after Miss I arrived so we have never been on holiday just the two of us. Thanks to the babysitting services of my parents we decided to go on our first ever trip away together!

We considered lots of different options for getting away including AirBnB, London hotel, a weekend cruise etc but then we spotted that Tui was now flying out of our local airport, Southampton, to Majorca. I found an all-inclusive adults-only hotel in Cala D’Or for three nights – and I booked it immediately! Adults-only was the total selling point – if I am not taking my own children away then why would I want to be surrounded by other peoples kids!

Flying from Southampton Airport

One of most stressful and time-consuming parts of travelling is usually the airport experience. Getting there, parking the car, getting through security and walking a few miles to your departure gate – but not at Southampton Airport. My stepdad drove us the 20 minute journey to the airport and dropped us in the easy drop off point (easy but £2 for the pleasure!) at 12.30pm. We were checked in, through security and ordering a gin & tonic in the bar by 12.45pm. It really was a dream!

Southampton Airport has a great website giving details of all the holiday options from the airport – take a look here.

Adults-only hotel in Majorca

From Palma airport we got the Tui transfer for Cala D’Or. The transfer was about an hour and despite a short wait sat on the coach at the airport the rest of the journey was pretty smooth.

At 6.30pm we pulled up outside the Alua Soul Report. After the heat of the evening sun it was a refreshing to step into the air-conditioned reception area. The reception staff check in us in quickly and handed us an ice-cold glass of Cava! Bliss!

The Alua Soul is made up of two hotel buildings one on either side of the stunning Cala Egos beach. Each building has a buffet restaurant, bars and terrace lounge areas (there is also an a la carte restaurant for those people staying for a week or longer – so we weren’t able to try it out). Behind the beach is an adults-only pool and pool bar.

Our room was a suite in the second building so sipping our Cava we walked across the beach to settle in while the hotel staff delivered our bags. As I stepped out of the hotel into the beach I was totally blown away. The beach was beautiful with crystal blue water and it was just so peaceful! We stopped for the obligatory selfies (see below) before heading up to unpack.

Our suite was on the first floor just above the bar (handy!). As you entered the room it was a bedroom with giant bed and an open plan style bathroom. Off the bedroom was a small living area and balcony. The layout of the room was slightly odd but it was so clean and modern – and the bed was dreamy! The toilet was a frosted glass cubicle in the open plan bathroom and it left nothing to the imagination when someone was ‘using’ it!

After showering (fab shower btw) we headed off for dinner in the buffet restaurant. There was a huge selection of fare. There was a cold food section full of colourful salads, cured meats, shellfish and cheeses. The hot section was complete with a live cooking station where chefs were cooking meat to order. And the dessert bar and ice cream station were crammed with sweet treats from the chocolate fondue to fresh fruit tarts!

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner and hit the bar on the outside terrace. As all drinks were included we enjoyed Cava (beers for Mr C) while we marvelled at the quiet environment we found ourselves in. The only sound was the waves on the beach and the background bar music.

Over the next few days we were totally selfish. We swam in the sea, read in the sunshine, drank Cava before noon and generally remembered why we liked hanging out with each other. Some of the main reasons many couples, including us, tend to argue is due to the stress of family life so for these days we could just worry about us and the biggest concern we had was if we should apply factor 20 or 30, or should I order a Cava or an Aperol Spritz?

Investing time in you and your relationship

Some people might consider our choice to go away alone selfish but I believe that a happy family stems from happy parents and we needed some time to focus on us. It sounds really cheesy but it was almost like we fell in love again and reminded ourselves on how great we are as a couple. It also gave me time to refocus and get my head back in the game. I read some fab books including ‘The Life Changing Art of not giving a f**k’ and ‘Happy’ by Fern Cotton. Both books really challenge you to focus on your life and all the things that you need to remember that make you happy and how to let go of the stuff that stresses you out. I honestly feel like those few days got me back on track and ready to be the best mum I can be!

If you are considering a kid free break and you can make it happen then do it! You can’t pour from an empty glass so need to look after yourself!

*We booked (and paid for) our trip via Tui ( and stayed at the Alua Soul resort in Majorca.*

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