My favourite things…

Recently I have been having lots of conversations about favourites. Favourite foods, movies, music…etc etc. So I thought I would share some and I hope you do to…

Favourite television show – I am all about Hand Maids Tale at the moment. There is obvs loads of other great stuff to watch right now (Killing Eve and Big Little Lies) but I try to only start one series at a time. Hand Maids Tale is so hauntingly brilliant and really draws me into caring about the characters. Elisabeth Moss really makes it watchable and brings the story to life. When I watch it I want to laugh, cry and shout along with her. I would deffo recommend to a friend.

Favourite film – Rocket Man has totally rocked my world. Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell are fantastic – not sure who I loved more?! Also my heart really went out to Elton John as his story, albeit edited, was told via his and Bernie’s magnificent songs. I have been humming ‘Goodbye yellow brick road’ ever since I watched it and I can’t wait to download it on Amazon Prime as soon as we can!

Favourite food – The food gods have answered my prayers and Pho is coming to Gun Wharf Quays. Vietnamese food is my happy place and I have even managed to get the kids to love it. Every time I can we visit a Pho – Brighton and Exeter are good spots – so now I will be able to drive 20 minutes down the road for my fix of summer rolls. 😁

Gotta run… need to get me some summer rolls….

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