All about me

I am a proud mum of two girls, Miss A & Miss I (aged 6 and 3) and lucky step mum to another little girl, Miss O (aged 5).  I live in Southampton with my partner Mr C.  As a working mum I have the same challenges as most parents out there and have some up & downs along the way.

My main reason for writing this blog is to document this roller-coaster called parenting and perhaps share my stories with others.  I think by sharing with other we will all soon realise that we are all trying our best and there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

I will mainly be blogging about family, food and my life in general.  Please do get in touch with any comments or just to say hello!

*I do not show the faces of my children on this blog.  I am in no way judging those people who do post photos of their children on public social media sites or blogs. My decision is that when they are old enough to make their choices about their faces being on the ‘interweb’ then they can make that decision.  For now it is lots of back of head photos of my little family.*

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